Access to land in Mozambique is a long, expensive and cumbersome process. The legal framework and institutional set up is challenging. There is a wide dispersion of land legal instruments, a multiplicity of institutions and several decision authority – points which increase discretionary power throughout the process of acquiring authorized land for investments.

While investors seeking land have varying needs and priorities, they generally are looking for secure and predictable access to land and for an efficient and capable land administration services that enforce consistency of treatment for all. This seems to be far for current process to access land in Mozambique.

This study aims to understand how the current land legal framework hampers or facilitate private sector access to land for its productive use, and how to enable private sector access to land. Is there room for improving the current legal framework and its associated administrative processes for easy access to land? The issue of access – for both smallholders and new investors – has several dimensions which this assessment has looked at in addition to having an appropriate and responsive policy and legal framework. For more insights on this issue, please read the documents below.

Access to Land for Investment – Audit of the Legal Framework

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