Analysis and Evaluation on Gender and HIV / AIDS and its Effects on Sustainable and Effective Economic Development (SEED)

Client – CARE Canada / CARE Vilanculos
Location – Mabote e Govuro – Inhambane Province – Mozambique
Year – 2006
Time – 2 months

This project was part of a broader program – SEED – which was developed by CARE International with the aim of reducing poverty and vulnerability by empowering farmers.

Verde Azul’s specific objective within this broad context was to identify the implications of gender inequality and HIV / AIDS in the implementation of the program.

Verde Azul’s specific tasks were to determine “to what extent the gender situation and HIV / AIDS could affect the program’s likelihood of success”, and to propose strategies to reduce risk within the program.

The ultimate long-term objective was to determine the effect of Gender and HIV / AIDS on sustainable and effective economic development in the province of Inhambane in Mozambique, and to propose risk mitigation measures, as well as an overall monitoring of the strategy.

Verde Azul collected the information necessary to understand and determine the likely impact of gender equality and HIV / AIDS on economic development in the geographic area covered.

Verde Azul designed the tools for field research and data collection, selecting the villages and the number of people to be involved in the sample, and this was discussed and commented on by the interested parties and subsequently approved by the relevant decision makers.

The Verde Azul team and Care Vilanculos visited the districts of Guvuro and Mabote, and worked with the target groups of SEED projects, involving the application of a method of Participatory Rapid Assessment (PRA) and discussions in focus groups.

The report included a summary and analysis of causes / effects, proposals for pragmatic actions and recommendations for addressing gender and HIV / AIDS issues during the implementation of the SEED project.

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