On July 25, Verde Azul, in the person of its General Manager, Eng. Kemal Vaz, participated in the seminar on blue economy, along with other guests, such as former President Joaquim Chissano, Pais Neto, head of the Cabinet from the General Directorate of the National Maritime Authority of Portugal, Jorge Silva, specialist in marine and maritime issues.

The seminar “Blue Economy: A Niche of Opportunities to Leverage Development in Mozambique” was organized by the Joaquim Chissano Foundation and the Portuguese consultancy New Sigma Holding.

The topic addressed by Kemal Vaz, a specialist in eco-hydrology, was about climate change in the fishing sector, where this is a globally addressed issue, and Mozambique is no exception, as there is a risk of our entire coastal zone and the associated ecosystems are in danger, as are all communities and others who in some way or form depend on fishing resources for their livelihood. In his opinion, it is the right time to continue to protect ecosystems, in particular the area of ​​Banco de Sofala, considered one of the largest fish recipes in the country. Thus, we must pay special attention to this area of ​​action, parks and marine reserves and guarantee its sustainability so that they are ensured by future generations.

“Mozambique’s future depends on the economy of the sea, given the immensity of the Mozambican coast and the abundance of maritime resources, where the location of Mozambique on the edge of the Indian Ocean offers potential in terms of energy resources, maritime routes, international trade, food industry and tourism. And in this way, Mozambique has to explore this route in a sustainable way that could give Mozambique the possibility to improve its trade balance, and the country needs an ever deeper knowledge of the potential of Mozambican waters that can be taken further. advantage of maritime resources for the well-being of populations, ”said Chissano, citing Agência Lusa.

He also affirmed that the future of Mozambique’s economy depends on the full exploitation of its maritime resources, warning of threats to the country’s waters, namely various forms of trafficking.

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