Capacity Building of Rural Communities for Participatory Development in the District of Matutuíne

Client – VIDA – Funding Agency
Location – Matutuíne – Maputo – Mozambique
Year – 2009 – 2010
Time – 4 months

The aim of this project was to provide support to contribute to poverty reduction in rural communities in Matutuíne, Maputo Province.

The aim of the project was vulnerable families and to identify places where communities have difficulties in breaking the cycle of poverty.

The project involved a participatory promotion of sustainable rural development initiatives.

Deliverables included:

  1. a) evaluation of the dynamics of an association called Pfukani;
  2. b) assessment of the sustainability of the Pfukani association;
  3. c) coordination with community stakeholders, VIDA team staff and the Development Center;
  4. d) submission of proposals for sustainable options aimed at increasing local production inside and outside production areas and for improving productivity and efficiency;
  5. e) strengthening the capacities of rural communities to create associations and to improve their marketing activities;
  6. f) increased communication between and within rural communities;
  7. g) proposal for decision-making tools and a communication strategy.

These instruments were developed to be used as lobby and advocacy with stakeholders, for dialogues with the government, with contacts from the private sector, as well as in dialogue with other representatives of the community.

The project proposal was later financed by VIDA, and reached around 400 families with direct support, and another 2,000 families were indirectly benefited as they improved their income.

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