Kemal Vaz
Kemal Vaz is CEO and majority shareholder of Verde Azul. He is specialized in Eco-Hydrology, Agricultural Mechanization and Environmental and Land Management. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in Land use planning, environment – freshwater ecology, quality and management, natural resources and agriculture technology. Kemal is implementing land access, land planning and land tenure projects. Worked extensively with Sectorial Strategic Planning and Management Plans. Specialized in Participatory Project Planning & Development (PPP&D), excellent skills as a facilitator and organization and leading public hearings. Has skills in sampling and monitoring techniques of environmental indicators for assessing the integrity of ecosystems, implementing environmental audits and Environmental Management Plans.

Monika Branks
Monika Branks is the second largest shareholder and supports Kemal in Team Development, Business Development, Financial Management, Project Management, Marketing and Branding. Monika is specialized in Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Relations, Mobilization and Management of project teams. Monika has implemented land based investment with “hands-on” approach to the private sector for forestry plantations, agro-business and the establishment of an Eco-Lodge and a nature reserve. She is developing and managing an organic sugar plantation and a small scale organic and fair trade sugar production estate in Cabo Delgado Province – the first of its kind. Monika is also directly involved in cooperative capacity building and she is working with local communities in the south, center and north of Mozambique to assist the most vulnerable in their area with sustainable income generation.

Kemal and Monika take joint decisions on what projects to pursue. Regular meetings are held and information is shared with a view to achieving a “cross-fertilization of ideas” within the Verde Azul Team. Verde Azul has a team of consultants in each of the four focus areas and has consultants working in all provinces in Mozambique. Each member is a key role player in his/her field and works closely with the project management team. The management decision-making process ensures that the interactive elements (second order impacts) of a project are recognized and appropriately dealt with.

Institutional Organization Chart
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