One well known environmental expert, Mr. John Muir, highlights a point: “when we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe”.

Verde Azul has accumulated knowledge of the social and environmental complexities that exist in Mozambique. Our team has a hands-on approach, strong ethical and stewardship for our land, water and other natural resources. Our future depends on fair access to productive land, clean water and respect for nature and resources. We are experiencing recurrent extreme weather and many ecosystems are damaged. Fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources are becoming scarce as the world population expands. Future generations are likely to have to live with limited resources as a result of current negligence. Too often resources are extracted without looking at long term social well-being, inclusive growth or at the resilience of our ecosystems. Unexpected impacts become very expensive.

We at Verde Azul are thinkers and doers. We implement.

Profitable and inclusive projects that protect our irreplaceable ecosystems and improve social well-being are our business opportunities. Verde Azul is assisting in the creation of a group of complementary companies to offer complete solutions and turn-key projects to clients. In short, a “one-stop-shop” approach for sustainable land development. Verde Azul’s track record, experience, scientific knowledge and values make it possible for us to respond to the particular challenges that involve people, use of land, sustainable inclusive business and climate change.

We believe that Mozambique, with its abundance of land, water and natural resources, is one of the countries in Southern Africa that has the capacity to develop a nation where poverty is eliminated and where quality of life for present and future generations, for all species, is secure. Verde Azul has comprehensive knowledge of donor agency requirements, international business and environmental standards, and state-of-the-art techniques and technology. Verde Azul often partners with organizations that bid on projects in Mozambique and elsewhere in the SADC region.

We work directly with local communities as stakeholders.

Our organization includes an extended network of experts from the Southern African region, who have specific experience within our focus areas and work as a team with Verde Azul members. They understand the Verde Azul approach and are comfortable working within the framework of values and standards of quality and timely delivery that Verde Azul provides. Our strategy is to target projects, innovations and pragmatic solutions within our focus areas, maximizing the skills we have, so that wealth and well-being are produced for the people and the environment is sustainably used and protected. Verde Azul strives to offer expert solutions to our clients, and if possible to become part of the business solution as an investor. The health of land remains the target in all of our undertakings and investments.


Verde Azul is dedicated to manage, develop and evaluate projects that contribute to sustainable financial returns, social well-being and to the restoration and flourishing of people, ecosystems and biotic community in Mozambique and in Southern Africa.


Verde Azul strives to be part of a world where poverty is eradicated and people use natural resources wisely and conserve and enhance our planet. Our actions are shaped so that future generations of all living species can flourish. We never take more than nature itself can replenish.

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