Natural Resources

Environmental assessments, development and implementation of environmental management plans are crucial for Verde Azul. We must keep in absolute focus the health of the land.

Verde Azul started in 2008/2009 to gradually shift it’s core business from social and environmental studies and private sector development projects to focus on implementing projects in the area of land use, management and sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of the entire biotic community. We recognize that growth and jobs are not only dependent on industry, but in first instance, growth and jobs are dependent on the health of land and nature as a system.


  • Environmental Studies;
  • Design and Implementation of Environmental Management Plans;
  • Environmental Assessments;
  • Base Line Studies;
  • Monitoring and Auditing;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessments;
  • HIV, Gender, Environment and Ethics assessments (“Main Streaming”).

Ongoing Projects (2020–2021)

  • Management Plan for the Environmental Protected Area of the Primeiras and Segundas Islands – WWF-ANAC;
  • Financial Plan for National Conservation Areas in Mozambique – ANAC-UNDP;
  • Implementation of a Community Participatory Conservation Process community driven and socially aware: Baseline Assessment of the Social-Ecological Situation in Monte Chiperone, partnership with Birdlife International, IUCN and CEPF (Zambézia);
  • Sustainability and social inclusion mapping in the Beira Agricultural and Zambezi Valley Development corridors with the objective to sustainably meet the demand for water, land and food using nature-based solutions in SUSTAIN AFRICA;
  • Resilience Augmentation Study in the Limpopo Basin – AWARD-RSA;
  • Promotion and coaching of national investment projects in Climate Change (Climate Mitigation, Adaptation and resilience building);
  • Country Representative for the Climate Technology Initiative – Private Finance Network (CTI-PFAN);
  • Operational and institutional support to Mozambican Association for Evaluation of Environmental Impact (AMAIA);
  • Elaboration of an Action Plan for the Fish Sector;
  • Update of the environmental management plan of the construction project of a drainage trench and fencing perimeter for a private company – Matanuska (Nampula).
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