Socioeconomic Development

Verde Azul works on the principle that projects are “owned” by the community and that investments and business operations should be corporate citizens welcomed by the community throughout the project’s life.

Stakeholder meetings, a dynamic and continuous process of feedback and debate, are an  integral part of all investments and projects. They entail public disclosure of all relevant information from the planning stages and throughout the project’s lifetime. This process must be initiated and supported by management and involves engagement between the client, workers, local communities and others that are affected by the project. It should be based on the established business management process of “plan, do, check and act” as IFC recommends in it’s Performance Standards. It leads to improved financial, social and environmental outcomes in an ongoing structured  basis.

Verde Azul believes that working conditions must adhere to international standards, and that subcontracts and outgrower’s schemes must be fair for all involved – down to the employees of the subcontractors. Membership and negotiations with labor unions are encouraged.


  • Delimitation;
  • Community Consultation;
  • Resettlement;
  • Capacity Building for Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Empowerment;
  • Institutional Capacity Building.

Ongoing Projects (2020–2021)

  • Re-registration of 280 thousand households living under the poverty line that benefit from Social Support Programs via National Institute of Social Support (INAS) at the national level;
  • Training and development of agrarian extension services providers, producer groups and establishment of a support system to the private sector under PRONEA.
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