Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building of Milk Cooperatives in Manica

Client – DGRV
Location – Manica – Mozambique
Year – 2013 – 2015
Time – 2 years

Assistance, Training and Institutional Capacity Building of 4 cooperatives for a total of 250 members to assist cooperatives in the development of a more profitable and socially and environmentally sustainable cooperative.

The cooperatives have received technical assistance from the Cooperative Union of American Cooperatives (UCLA) and Land O’Lakes since 2008. This assistance was provided to DANMOZ, a yogurt and cheese producer in Manica, who have been instrumental in promoting the establishment of these cooperatives. . Assistance from UCLA and Land O’Lakes will continue until the end of the year. Verde Azul’s assistance aims to form cooperatives in a sustainable manner. The project was extended at the end of 2014, to include the establishment of a cooperative union that will provide services to the others, such as: milk collection, milk conservation centers, sales negotiations, etc. The work involved assistance in defining strategic plans and developing operational business plans for each cooperative.

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