MCENAS: Evaluation of Education in Mozambique

Client – E2A
Location – Inhambane and Matola – Mozambique
Year – 2014
Time – 8 months

The Pathfinder project, called mCenas!, is an interactive SMS system that was implemented by Verde Azul in 2014. The aim of the project was to reach young people (15-24 years old – with and without children) via SMS with educational messages based on a life story and an informational messaging system that will increase knowledge about contraceptive methods, dispel common myths and address common obstacles that young people face regarding the use of contraceptives.

Verde Azul has generated evidence on the acceptability of information about contraception by sms if it is acceptable, and what is its impact on the knowledge, attitudes and self-efficacy of male and female youth aged 18-24 years in Mozambique. This project followed a narrow protocol that required a dynamic flow of participants in the field.

The SMS system that was evaluated had three main components:

  1. a story passed through SMS messages, based on the theory of behavior change to create a convincing and realistic narrative with which young people can relate and take advantage to deepen the dialogue and reflection with their peers (2 months);
  2. informational messages about each contraceptive method (one month);
  3. an interactive frequently asked question where young people could contact the system for information on a range of SRH topics.

The evaluation, which was conducted by E2A, focused on the sample of young people aged 18-24 years, distinguishing male and female subgroups with and without children in the cities of Inhambane and Matola.

The final documents included Baseline and Final Studies, as well as a summary of effectiveness, adjustments and improvements, as well as an action plan for the follow-up and monitoring of the SMS system.

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