Monitoring, in Connection, with the Zambezi Bridge Project in Caia

Client – SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency)
Location – Sofala – Mozambique
Year – 2006 – 2009
Time – 3 years

The overall objective of the project was to build a bridge over the Zambezi river, between Caia (Sofala province) and Chimuara (Zambezia province).

Verde Azul was responsible for overseeing the social and environmental components of the project, making sure that contractual agreements, national legislation and IFC principles were followed at the project site. The total value of the project was 70 million Euros.

Verde Azul interacted with contractors and supervisors and made them aware of and complied with contractual obligations.

The potential needs for deviations and / or adjustments in the contract were discussed and decided through broader stakeholder involvement and an analysis of best practices.

Verde Azul also listed the impacts and mitigation measures that were recommended in the social and environmental studies and maintained control over the actual impacts and compliance with the bridge’s Environmental Management Plan.

Verde Azul, in addition, provided advice to the Steering Committee for the construction of the bridge, involving routine inspections and follow-up visits on site, as well as the development and implementation of an integrated monitoring matrix to assess the real impact, together with the supervisor and the main contractor.

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