We believe that current use of natural resources underestimates the real cost of what we take from nature. In the developed world, labor is so expensive that for many it is more economical to throw away products rather than try to fix them. Through this we have created a way of living that involves unnecessary waste and that exploits resources without adequate concern for the effect of this exploitation on our future generations and on our ecosystems. We need to change our ineffective ways before we destroy our beautiful planet. This change needs to take place in every single one of our lives, reaching the core ways in which we live. Changes will also need to be made to the way land is being used in our developed nations and to how developing countries will access their resources. It will require sacrifice from us all.

All the real costs of using natural resources, ecosystems and water must be acknowledged. This requires a broader analysis and approach to cost-benefit assessments.

In conclusion, we are convinced that we must triple the agricultural output and forestry yields in our developing nations by using new and less damaging technologies and systems while still maintaining the current total amount of land and water that is used in the world today. We must stop deforestation, curb population growth and stop the dependence on oil to the benefit of renewable energy production.

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