The Ouro Verde project is focused on certified organic production of sugarcane processing in Mozambique along the Lúrio River, in Ocua, in the Chiúre district, Cabo Delgado province, Northern Mozambique.

The model involves the creation of a partnership between the commercial entity and a cooperative of local producers. This model was designed with the greater involvement of sugar workers in production itself, creating greater incentives and a sense of ownership and responsibility. The innovative model intends to change the old “boss-employee” relationship to a partner relationship with farmers. The impact on the local economy includes direct benefits for about 750 people and the preservation of areas of high conservation value that increase the overall resilience of the property. The financial projections indicate a profitable operation, which is estimated to have an average net profit of USD 500,000 as of the third year. This income will be used to gradually expand operations.

Unrefined organic sugar maintains all molasses, being produced on a small scale and sold to a niche in international markets.

EcoEnergia is the Mozambican promoter and entrepreneur, which started activities in 2008. The Ouro Verde project was thus implemented from the beginning with the participation of local communities, which are part of the strategic and integral solution for the success of the Ouro Verde Project. Ouro Verde offers an organic product from the plantation to the final product to the consumer, also remaining on a small scale.

The Ouro Verde Project comprises the development of biological (organic) crops for agro-sugar processing and a potential and gradual growth in an area (DUAT) of 1000 Ha of land. The development of the first phase of the Ouro Verde Project started in 2011, and the project is in the sugar processing testing phase.

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