Rural Finance Support Program

Client – IFAD
Location – Mozambique
Year – 2003 – 2004
Time – 6 months

The aim of this project was to improve access to financial services in rural areas. Verde Azul was tasked by IFAD to identify several ways to motivate existing and / or new financial institutions to expand in rural areas and innovate. Long-term goals involved improving the ability of low-income groups to manage their income, in order to use credit in times of need, and improving the services offered by existing institutions. The RFSP (Rural Financing Support Program) encourages the financial service provider to work in rural areas by making capital available, which would serve to pay the initial expenses and those related to the launch of new products and services aimed at low income groups. income. Verde Azul prepared working documents, gathered information from financial institutions at provincial and national level. The target groups included the Ministry of Planning and Finance, the Ministry of Rural Development, the Bank of Mozambique, commercial banks, non-financial intermediary banks, microfinance institutions and NGOs.

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