Safe and Inclusive Land Management and Administration in Mozambique: Capacity Building of National and Provincial Authorities

Client – National Directorate of Land and Forestry (DNTF)
Location – Mozambique
Year – 2014  -2018
Time – 4 years in development

Verde Azul is implementing a Land Management and Administration Program in Mozambique. This project started in 2014 and will end in 2018, with a continuous duration of 5 years.

Gesterra is designed to provide ongoing support to some of the activities launched by the “Access to Land” of the MCA project in which Verde Azul was a key player (the MCA project ended in late 2013).

A key objective of this program is to reinforce DINAT (ex-DNTF) in its role as a coordinating organization in land management and administration, and maintaining the National Land Registry (CNT).

This project has the following components:

  • Improve land management at the Land Consultative Forum, district land authorities (SPGC) and National Land Authorities (DNTF). It is intended that the delimitation of lands, land tenure regularization and spatial planning are processes planned and developed at the local level and with investment promotion services;
  • Consolidate land administration and build the national land registry, expanding the provision of land management services to the ten provinces of Mozambique.

The aim / outcome of the program is to improve the national capacity to provide sustainable land governance and to promote an integrated vision of land administration and management / use that responds to the needs of all land users, providing clear and secure rights (DUAT) that they can facilitate new investment choices and decisions and improve food security.

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