Socio-Economic Study on Development in the Province of Niassa

Client – Ernst & Young for the Government of Niassa / ASDI / IRISH AID
Location – Niassa – Mozambique
Year – 2006 – 2007
Time – 7 months

The aim of Verde Azul’s involvement in this project was to help Ernst & Young develop a baseline study on poverty and the socio-economic situation in the province of Niassa.

Based on the information collected, Verde Azul facilitated provincial governance to develop policies, strategies and best practices for poverty reduction in the areas of Education, Health and HIV / AIDS.

The main activities involved:

  • identification, information collection, analysis of existing maps and reports, primary and secondary, to give an idea of the additional information needed;
  • elaboration of a situational report, where it identified the existing gaps and an action plan to obtain the necessary information to fill the gaps.

The organization of field meetings, with the visit with government representatives including field visits to Marrupa and the surrounding area of Lichinga.

A report was submitted to the province for comment.

Ernst & Young was responsible for compiling all the information collected by the consultants assigned to this project.

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