Strategic Health, Education and Agriculture Plan

Client – Ministry of Health, Education and Agriculture, Provincial Directors and Irish Aid
Location – Niassa, Nampula, Tete and Inhambane – Mozambique
Year – 1998 – 2003
Time – 18 months

Verde Azul facilitated the development of a strategic implementation plan for the Provincial Governments as one of the tools of a national decentralization plan.

The work involved training and strengthening the work capacities of civil servants in 2 provinces – Inhambane and Niassa.

Capacity building on-the-job training was carried out within the framework of the provincial government structures of the provincial delegation for Agriculture, Health and Education to plan and implement its own strategic development and financial management plans, as well as the evaluation and improvement of community components of Participation.

The objective of this project was to establish a financial management program in accordance with international standards, to train and prepare the employees of the provincial government, in participation, evaluation and monitoring strategies.

Training and capacity building being expanded to the provinces of Nampula and Tete.

During the implementation of the Verde Azul project, a strengthened network between stakeholders was initiated and it was possible to increase the involvement of local communities in the provincial planning process.

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