The Impact of HIV / AIDS on Education in Mozambique

Location – Mozambique
Year – 2000
Time – 3 months

Verde Azul provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Education for the development and implementation of effective HIV / AIDS policies and actions that relate to strategic areas, namely policies and activities in the fields of school, district and provincial management, human resources and planning.

Deliverables included:

  • the evaluation of the demographic impact of HIV / AIDS related to the demand and supply of Education, based on the initial proposal to reinforce the planning and integration of activities to respond to the impacts of HIV / AIDS within the school environment.

The project started with a data collection process through interviews with key informants and the analysis of documents.

Verde Azul developed 3 documents:

  • HIV strategic options in terms of human resources and school management;
  • an “HIV / AIDS and YOU” and HIV / AIDS booklet;
  • school management.

Verde Azul implemented a consultation process in 3 regional seminars to disseminate the results, discuss the execution plans and obtain criticisms and suggestions.

Verde Azul subsequently carried out the document review, and formed a group of trainers from the Ministry of Education to use the documentation, as well as supporting the Ministry to establish a mechanism to integrate HIV / AIDS issues and impact in planning.

Verde Azul facilitated the development of a communication strategy as part of a cooperation framework between Human Resources departments and the government to allow the exchange of information and best practices for identifying and disseminating information between public institutions and parties stakeholders that are directly linked to MINED.

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