TIA – Agriculture Database Analysis (2002-2012)

Client – Ministry of Agriculture
Location – Mozambique
Year – 2013
Time – 8 months

Verde Azul produced documentation that supported the development of agricultural development policies and strategies, as well as for decision making, based on data from the Government’s Integrated Agricultural Survey.

The Ministry of Agriculture suggested the analysis of several themes, in order to define which strategic policies to implement. Verde Azul was responsible for the following areas:

1) the use of agricultural inputs in Mozambican agriculture;

2) agricultural mechanization, use of animal traction and productivity.

The analyzes were done in Stata, a simple analysis model, and it was implemented using analysis of trends in agricultural inputs in the country, and included studies on irrigation, chemical fertilizers, improved corn seeds and the impact and use of pesticides.

The study assumed that an increase in commercialization would lead to an increase in the use of basic products, a greater intensification of agriculture, an increase in productivity and a greater production of agricultural products. The analysis was carried out by stratifying Households using the Evolution Cycle Model (Creation, Expansion, Consolidation and Withdrawal or Dissolution by Spin-Off).

The main results were a set of data that facilitated the reduction of tax limits and benefits for agricultural investments in rural areas.

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