Tourism Development in Chemucane – Maputo Special Reserve

Client – Bell Foundation Trust
Location – Maputo Province – Mozambique
Year – 2011
Time – 4 months

Environmental Impact Study for the “construction of a community Lodge” under a special license issued by the National Conservation Authority (DNAC) for an association called Ahi Zameni Chemucane.

The investment is financed by the Bell Foundation and involves the conservation of an area of about 800 hectares.

Verde Azul was responsible for:

  • Socio-economic data for terrestrial and marine fauna and flora;
  • Preparation of the Environmental Pre-Feasibility report followed by the terms of reference (EPDA and TOR);
  • Environmental impact study and management plan presented to the Bell Foundation for internal discussion;
  • Presentation of EIA (final report) to the Ministry of Environment;
  • Assistance to the Client and the Ministry of the Environment for approval of the environmental license.
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