Verde Azul, in collaboration with AMPCM – Mozambican Association for the Promotion of Modern Cooperativism, organized the OCPLP General Assembly in Maputo.

In a project to support and develop the skills of AMPCM, Verde Azul collaborated with it, in order to organize the General Assembly of the Cooperative Organization of Portuguese Speaking Countries – OCPLP, where Mozambique was the host country to host the event, that is, representatives of the countries of the Lusophone community were present – the Lusophone cooperatives being these privileged stages for the exchange of ideas, experiences and sharing of good practices where the engineering, consulting and scientific research of the Lusophone countries will shine with contemporary contributions of high value for our country.

The event took place on June 14 at the Hotel Avenida, and was attended by Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosário, at the Opening Session.

This event was composed of two parts: the General Assembly and a round table for debate on issues related to cooperatives, open to the public.

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