Verde Azul participated on the 25th of November, in an event alluding to the GIS Day, which in this annual edition was held in a teleconference format due to the pandemic of COVID19. The event was attended by more than 30 Mozambican professional technicians with experience in Geographic Information Systems and specialized in the areas of project development, land and environment management, socio-economy and conservation.

The event lasted an hour and a half, in which research work related to GIS and its applicability in the Mozambican context were presented. Verde Azul counted on the participation of two professional GIS technicians to present their work where both incorporated GIS techniques to analyze local contexts under the theme “Use of GIS as a tool for Spatial Analysis and Territorial Management.”

Annura Taquibo, defended a study on “Temporal Analysis of Land Occupation”, carried out in the province of Zambézia, through which she presented satellite images from different dates and illustrated how the GIS tools allow to detect, quantify, and locate changes in land occupation. Taquibo concluded that these GIS techniques support decision-making in relation to the sustainable use of Mozambique’s natural resources.

Iggo Uassiquete, defended a study on “Rural Register in Zambézia”, through which he presented the GIS as an analysis tool to improve territorial planning based on local reality and the creation of scenarios that project the implications and advantages of possible changes, which aim to improve the habitability of spaces.

GIS Day is an annual event that celebrates geographic information systems (GIS) technology, which was started by the world leader in spatial analysis Esri and which first occurred in 1999. Esri President and Co-Founder, Jack Dangermond, credits Ralph Nader as the person who inspired the creation of GIS Day. He considered the event a good initiative for people to learn about geography and the various uses of GIS. Nader wanted GIS Day to be a grassroots effort and open to everyone’s participation. Today, the event offers an international forum for users of GIS technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference in society.

Through this initiative, Verde Azul intends to encourage scientific research and the use of cutting edge digital technologies in order to guarantee qualitative and innovative results and better technical training of local human resources.

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