Our future concerns will involve clean water and better stewardship of land resources.

Infinite growth is impossible to sustain in a finite planet – has been a motto for environment awareness. We are living in the consequences of trying to explore infinitely the resources “available”. We are experiencing recurrent extreme weather which leads to damaging ecosystems. We are exploring fossil fuels to sustain economic growth without looking at the unsustainability to the environment created. Our future generations will already live with much less than the developed world uses per capita today, as consequence of our reckless behavior.

Verde Azul is convinced that the approach (as people) to land and water must change. We recognize that finite resources cannot be explored without looking at “the whole”, as we should develop an “ecological conscience.” We thereby take a stand against the traditional view that man is in charge of natural resources to use as seen fit.

We are to change from being exploiters of the land-community – meaning everything that is alive on our planet – to become citizens and members. With people being responsible stewards of land and ecosystems, we must respect fellow members, and also respect the community as such. We recognize that finite resources cannot be explored without looking at “the whole”. A well-known environmentalist, Professor Aldo Leopold says “we fancy that industry supports us, forgetting what supports industry”‘. Many believe that science and technology will provide solutions to these problems. Verde Azul believes that science can tell us what is going on, but that science and technology alone cannot solve the problem.

We have a responsibility to decide what to do. Our decisions depend largely on what we value and how we approach our land, water and resources.

This is where Verde Azul has a role to play.

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