Agro-Industrial Development of Banana and Mango, in the Province of Manica

Client – GIESTA
Location – Manica – Mozambique
Year – 2005 – 2007
Time – 2 years

Verde Azul was hired by a group of Mozambican investors to carry out pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, as well as plantation tests for the development of the banana and mango agro-industry for export.

The work involved land identification and legalization of approximately 230 hectares of land, including DUAT for agro-industrial production.

Verde Azul also implemented studies to evaluate the viability of bananas and other fruit production, mobilized a team and supervised the detailed analysis of the soil.

Verde Azul collaborated with the company Chiquita to collect data on precipitation, climate, social and environmental restrictions.

Verde Azul developed mitigation strategies, as well as negotiated with local authorities and communities.

Verde Azul carried out studies on water storage strategies in collaboration with a South African group, Crookes Brothers and initiated the legalization of land use rights for 1000 hectares of land areas for additional crops (DUAT acquisition), as part of its growth strategy.

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