Verde Azul was subcontracted as the main consultant for Wildhorus Ltd and carried out the study on social impact, land tenure, community development and the mapping of a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of properties and potential future development of large-scale forest plantations. scale of approximately 120,000 hectares, of which 75,000 hectares will be forests and the remaining area will be used for restoration and replanting in the provinces of Benguela, Huambo, Huíla and Bié in Angola.

The objective of this project is to verify the social aspects to be improved with the aim of preparing for international certification – FSC Certification (Certification of the Forest Stewardship Council) and developing a management system that is compatible with the standards of ISO14000 in the medium- long term.

The team collected and worked in five main areas, in order to structure the planning of improvements:

  • Biodiversity;
  • Environmental conditions, including water resources, topography, soil and vegetation conditions;
  • Social conditions, including livelihoods, health, education and use of natural resources, including agriculture;
  • Distribution and condition of forest and land resources owned by EF;
  • Current and future strategic infrastructure, including road and rail access, and energy sources.

The team proposed a draft for the company’s strategic development plan and prepared a proposal for a gradual implementation of the FSC and ISO guidelines. The consultants’ recommendations state that this system should be developed as early as possible in the company’s life so that it can be fully integrated and grow with the company’s operational management systems.

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