Behavioral Surveillance Studies on MARP Populations in Angola (Prisoners and Truck Drivers)

Client – CDC – Angola
Location – Angola
Year – 2011
Time – 8 months

The general objective of this project was to support the Government of Angola to understand the HIV epidemic among the target populations, through a basic survey of behavioral and serological surveillance (BSS) supported by the CDC. These BSS were made with two main populations: long distance truck drivers, and prisoners.

The specific objectives of the study were:

  • Examine attitudes, behaviors and perceptions of risks related to HIV and STDs among truck drivers, as well as among male prisoners and prison officials;
  • Estimate the prevalence of HIV and syphilis in the population studied;
  • Develop the Ministry of Health’s internal capacity to implement subsequent BSS surveys among populations most at risk for HIV;
  • Carry out the results of tuberculosis screening and recommendations for medical assistance to prisoners.

Verde Azul implemented, mobilized and trained field workers and collected data, and verified the quality of the data collected.

In the second phase, Verde Azul analyzed and interpreted the results.

The final report included a proposal and a curriculum outline for a training program for conducting and interpreting BSS research results.

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