Climate Change in Mozambique: Private Sector Participation for Adaptation and Resilience INGC Phase II, Theme 4

Client – Embassy of Denmark (DANIDA)
Location – Mozambique
Year – 2009 – 2011
Time – 1.5 years

The main objective of this project was to ensure a rapid implementation of adaptation and resilience training, with an emphasis on disaster risk reduction, by involving the private sector in a structured and pragmatic way, so that the process can be replicated in other areas of Mozambique.

A strategic environmental assessment model was developed and implemented to determine the risks and opportunities for adaptation in a large geographical area of approximately 2.4 million hectares.

Verde Azul prepared and presented a model of how the private sector can be involved in building sustained wealth. Anchor projects were identified and meetings with stakeholders and the community were held to create awareness and learn how local communities are dealing with the changes that already affect their livelihoods.

The objective of involving the private sector was to rehabilitate degraded areas, to increase nature’s capacity to withstand extreme climatic conditions and to accelerate the transition from the current self-subsistence economy in the area to a competitive wage economy that can give individuals better living standards. and reduce poverty with permanent solutions for building resilience.

The work also involved the development of strategies that can safeguard important ecosystem services and ensure a better life for future generations.

The developed project was an instrument of strategic planning and measures for adaptation and building resilience in a geographical area of approximately 2.4 million hectares.

A pilot project was created for the production of agro-energy and support for research was provided, which is essential for the production of commercial organic sugar and bio ethanol that can respond to the needs of the local market.

8000 community members were involved in awareness-raising meetings.

A project model based on field experience and basic feedback was presented to INGC.

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