CLUF Lands Community – Strengthening the Provincial Land Authorities (SPGCS) in the Provinces of Tete and Gaza

Client – CLUF
Location – Tete and Gaza – Mozambique
Year – 2013 – 2014
Time – 1 year

Evaluate the way of delimiting the community lands of execution made by ITC and associates. Under the support of the land administration community in the provinces of Gaza and Tete.

The objective of CLUF is to guarantee the rights and benefits to communities over the use of land and natural resources, with the objective of rural economic development.

The program follows an approach guided by the search for innovative solutions that guarantee the rights of communities to land, and proposes to play a facilitating role in the connection between communities and producer associations with potential investors, such as:

  • Participation in the delimitation of community lands;
  • Identify possible conflicts in the delimitation process;
  • Propose improvements in the data collection and management system;
  • Perform zoning based on information collected in the field and satellite image;
  • Prepare a pre-proposed support for one and other SPGCs for a better discussion with DNTF ITC;
  • Management committees.
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