Verde Azul is a Mozambican management consulting company, dedicated to finding sustainable solutions, to current and future social and environmental challenges.

Verde Azul was established in 1999, with over sixteen years of hands-on field experience in socio-environmental projects and project management in Mozambique and Southern Africa.

Verde Azul specializes on sustainable development of land and resources in Mozambique, making Verde Azul a unique company. We look at land as an interdependent system. Quality of life, growth and prosperity hinges on a healthy ecosystem and land. It concerns people and all living things.

Verde Azul has an extensive resource network all over Mozambique. Making it possible to quickly mobilize, a high performance team with field-based local knowledge and experience, and deliver our services in all ten provinces.

Verde Azul strives to achieve social well-being and a sustainable and profitable use of natural resources. Our target group is made up of local communities, ecosystems and sustainable economic operators.

Verde Azul is dedicated to the areas of management and consultancy in the search and identification of solutions for current and future social and environmental challenges in Mozambique.

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