Development of the Quirimbas National Park: Institutional and Legal Management of the Project

Client – WWF Mozambique
Location – Cabo Delgado – Mozambique
Year – 2009
Time – 5 months

The objectives of the Development Project of the Quirimbas National Park (PNQ) were elaborated as follows:

1- Conception and proposal of three options for the institutional configuration of the PNQ for the government, donors and other interested parties, taking into account the current and future institutional and legal framework, in which these options can be developed. A seminar was held to present the strengths and weaknesses of the various options and to agree on the way forward.

2 – After choosing the final proposal, Verde Azul provided the following services:

  • legislative, procedural and technical recommendations for the implementation of an institutional framework;
  • legal and institutional options that work within the scope of existing legislation and national conservation policy still under consideration;
  • A trust fund concept has been proposed for protected areas in Mozambique.

From the work established in 2002, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • establish an effective management of the park in such a way that its conservation goals are achieved. The study included important contributions from the discussions that took place on the legal and institutional configuration for the park and the second phase of the project. He highlighted the different institutional models already in place in Mozambique and which have benefited other experiences in the region and across Africa.

The proposed options were innovative, seeking, whenever possible, to operate within the prevailing political and legislative framework.

An action plan was presented involving pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses and risks, as well as mitigation actions that should be part of the implementation plans and strategic planning.

The team designed a roadmap for implementation, including all legislative, procedural and technical measures.

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