ECOENERGIA – Production of Bioethanol for Food

Client – Partnership between Verde Azul and EcoEnergia for the development of the project
Location – Maputo Province, Moamba
Year – 2014 – 2019
Time – 5 years

This project involves a strategic partnership between Verde Azul and EcoEnergia. The project is in the concept phase and presents an opportunity to invest in the production of Bio Ethanol for cooking. This project will:

  • Provide 11000 households in Maputo and Matola with Bio Ethanol for cooking;
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports;
  • Generation of direct employment for about 100 people;
  • Reduce deforestation;
  • Improve the health of families and increase social welfare and cook in a healthier and more sustainable way;
  • Introduce food production and diversification of ethanol for medicinal purposes and for the cosmetic industry.

The project needs about 5.2 million USD of investment over five years, and offers a 19% rate of return. There are countless advantages for investors, for Mozambique to encourage the production and use of biofuels as a way to reduce poverty.

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