Environmental Impact Analysis for Rehabilitation and Improvement of the Marine Biology Research Station on the Island of Inhaca

Client – Embassy of Sweden
Location – Inhaca Island – Mozambique
Year – 2014 – 2015
Time – 5 months in development

Verde Azul was hired by the Swedish Embassy to develop a Simplified Environmental Study of impacts during the construction and rehabilitation of the Marine Biology Station on the Island of Inhaca.

This work includes the assessment of the potential environmental impacts during the rehabilitation of MBRS:

  1. Make recommendations for appropriate measures to be included in rehabilitation planning and preparation and the Strategic Marine and Coastal Research Plan for MBRS;
  2. The elaboration of an Environmental Management and Maintenance Plan for the long-term environmental sustainability of MBRS;
  3. Implementation of a “Green Day” training session to increase the environmental awareness of all employees at the MBRS Station;
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