Environmental Impact of “Montebelo Milibangalala Bay Resort”

Client – Grupo Visabeira
Location – Maputo Reserve – Matutuíne – Mozambique
Year – 2014
Time – 8 months

This project resulted in the Environmental Impact Study for the construction of an Eco-Lodge in the Maputo reserve (3000 ha) in the district of Matutuine.

This resulted in the following actions:

  • Report of the survey to the Ministry of the Environment, in order to define the level of potential impact (Category A, B or C);
  • Pre-Environmental Feasibility Study (EPDA) for approval by the Ministry of Environment;
  • Environmental Impact Study (RIMA), which includes the collection of data and assessments (socio – economic, terrestrial and marine, flora and fauna; coordination of community participation and public participation), as well as the Environmental Management Plan;
  • Implementation of HIV and gender guidelines;
  • Assist in liaising with the customer to acquire the Environmental License;
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