Impact of the Lethal Yellowing Disease of the Coconut Tree in Zambézia and South of Nampula

Client – MCA
Location – Nampula and Zambézia – Mozambique
Year – 2012
Time – 9 months

The aim of the project was to understand and quantify how CLYD and the Oryctes infestation can affect the farming system, livelihood, family income and food security for small farmers, and to develop impact scenarios based on levels of disease and pest infestation in the coastal districts of Zambézia and Nampula.

Verde Azul collected data through several instruments:

  • Geo-referencing, observation and collection of economic and social data through questionnaires to families;
  • Description of existing family farming systems;
  • Description and quantification of aspects related to the families’ source of income, with an emphasis on coconut and its derived products;
  • Description of issues related to food security.

Verde Azul developed several scenarios that differentiated between the different strata of income levels, measured the impact and the probable economic losses of different degrees of diseases and infestation by pest.

Verde Azul validated the impact of each LAC model and pest management in terms of loss of income generation in the affected communities.

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