On 7 October 2014, Verde Azul began to officially manage the re-registration process for beneficiaries of the National Institute of Social Action (INAS) who receive support from Basic Social Security Programs as a way to contribute to human and social development and well-being. The total scope of the re-registration process covers 285,000 beneficiary households, which are the poorest and most vulnerable in the country’s 11 provinces. The objective is to carry out data collection efficiently, effectively and on time. Verde Azul was responsible for conducting the adaptation of the fieldwork research instruments and managing all data collection activities in all provinces.

The data collection process was done using Android technology (smartphone) with the survey installed in an application. Fieldwork teams will consist of about 80 to 100 enumerators in each province, for a maximum duration of 2 months. All registration activities should be completed by the end of August 2015, having been postponed until the end of the first half of 2016.

Verde Azul was part of the restructuring process of the National Social Action Institute (INAS) in order to create a single national registry of all beneficiaries, centralizing service management and financial management, through the development of a new and more efficient screening of beneficiaries. INAS is centralizing all information and registration in a Management Information System (GIS).

The collection of data aims to improve the selection of target beneficiaries, detecting errors of inclusion and exclusion in the aggregates of current beneficiaries, and facilitating methods of handling these errors, thus improving the efficiency of the distribution of INAS subsidies. This process will also ensure that beneficiaries are receiving the best support and assistance provided by INAS.

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