Integration of HIV / AIDS in Fishing Associations on the Sofala, Nampula and Zambézia Coast

Location – Nampula, Zambézia and Sofala – Mozambique
Year – 2003
Time – 3 months

The aim of this project was to create solutions to the challenges of HIV / AIDS in the workplace of Fisheries Associations in Sofala Province.

It was designed as an immediate response to the impacts of the HIV / AIDS epidemic. The project was funded by IFAD.

The activities have been implemented at various locations along the coast in the provinces and have been extended to the provinces of Nampula and Zambézia.

During the implementation plan, a distinction was made between two components of integration: Integration and a direct response to HIV / AIDS.

Verde Azul focused on interviews and group meetings to develop a business plan, as well as establish a network of institutional partners. The activities and plans were implemented within each institution in each province, in order to respond to the specific concerns raised during the focus group interviews and meetings.

Verde Azul delivered a proposal for response plans and financing solutions to IFAD.

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