Nacala Corridor Action Plan and Resettlement

Client – AustralCowi / Vale Mozambique
Location – Nacala Corridor – Nampula – Mozambique
Year – 2011 – 2012
Time – 2.5 years

The aim of this study was to register land and existing infrastructure along the Nacala Corridor, in the Nampula province section of the planned railway line. The register included the mapping of approximately 150 agricultural properties – “machambas” – in the buffer zone of the railway line and the production of several maps that illustrate the life situation of the affected households, the infrastructure, as well as the use and exploitation of the land, and also the social infrastructure around the resettlement area.

The results included management and socioeconomic data that are crucial for resettlement, and which will prepare for the installation of new infrastructure, as well as programs to restore livelihoods in resettlement areas.

Verde Azul developed a database of beneficiaries with the various maps and questionnaires.

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