Since 2010, Verde Azul has been managing the development of a vertical integration investment project for the production of organic sugarcane. The first sugar will be produced before the end of 2014. Commercial sales are scheduled to start in 2015.

Verde Azul participated in all the steps of this project. The four-year research period has ended. A 1000-hectare farm was identified in close collaboration with the local community. This project was developed and certified for the production of organic sugar by Ecocert, an internationally recognized certification organization, based in France. Verde Azul obtained a 99-year concession of Land Use Rights from the Government for investors and continuously meets with communities and stakeholders, involving and working at all levels of stakeholders, from the bottom to the top, as that the project evolves. It is important that this collaboration continues throughout the life of the project.

The intention is to prove that sugarcane can be produced in smaller areas, in a responsible manner that benefits local communities. The market niche for organic sugar makes it possible to obtain prices that justify the use of limited areas and little water, compared to conventional sugar production operations. The model was developed so that it can be replicated.

Verde Azul was able to identify buyers for sugar who would like to see investment grow to ten times more, with models of this small unit being created in various locations in Mozambique and southern Africa.

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