Since May 2, 2017, land regularization activities have been taking place under the PROSUL project, for groups of producers in the cassava value chain in the province of Inhambane in the district of Zavala.

We are currently working in two locations, Quissico and Muane, Zavala.

The main objective is to identify, clarify and register the occupants’ right to use and benefit from land (DUAT), using appropriate technical and administrative means for the parceling of land. Public meetings have already been held with about 25 groups of cassava producers.

Verde Azul’s work within the PROSUL project is divided into the following stages:

  • In the alphanumeric register (collection of identification documents – ID, Voter Card, Passport, Driving License, and Declaration of Locality – and filling in the personal data of the beneficiaries of the project). Currently, we already registered 1478 members of the community;
  • The Geographic Register – which consists of the demarcation activities, that is, the survey of the vertices of the machambas, using GNSS (GPS). Currently, we have already registered about 980 parcels of land.

VA’s work, within the scope of this project, for the assignment of DUATs to the beneficiaries of the project in the Manjacaze District, ended in July 2017.

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