Protecting Land Use Rights (DUAT) in Mozambique

Client – National Directorate of Land and Forestry (DNTF)
Location – Mozambique
Year – 2014 – 2015
Time – 1 year

This project was a study that will serve as a basis for the elaboration of a proposal to simplify the procedures for the process of acquisition of Land Use (DUAT – Rights) that reduces barriers, bureaucracy, improves transparency and accountability, being compatible with the information system in DNTF (Sigit).

The new system aims to reduce time, risk and share information between different entities for Land Use (Municipalities, rural areas, coastal protection areas, mining, etc.) and infrastructure registration (Land Register) producing thus, a formal document of high value for the end user. A value that protects land rights and participation in the market economy.

In this context, it resulted in a bibliography review, data collection, procedural consultations, consultations with different stakeholders at district, provincial and central level, capitalizing on the RDUAT -LTR experience of the MCA project and the respective mapping.

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