Regional Training on the Planning Cycle Project of Coastal Zone Management Authorities

Client – SEACAM (Secretariat for East Africa Coastal Zone Management), an initiative of the World Bank
Location – Mozambique
Year – 2000 – 2001
Time – 3 months

Verde Azul trained more than 90 government leaders and officials from the institutions responsible for coastal zone management.

It involved the final decision makers from Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Angola, Lesotho and South Africa.

This resulted in a number of coherent project design agreements, using a combination of different Planning methodologies.

SEACAM was supported by Verde Azul and helped to develop a manual in coordination with a team of consultants “A good idea for a good project”, available in Portuguese, English and French.

Based on the training experience accumulated during the various workshops, and on input from other Project specialists, a training manual widely used by many institutions was developed, which includes tools for approaching the logical framework and objective Oriented Project Planning methodologies, having been developed through participatory-based project planning.

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