Rehabilitation of a Beach Area in the City of Inhambane

Client – Inhambane City Council
Location – Inhambane – Mozambique
Year – 2006 – 2007
Time – 3 months

Verde Azul was responsible for carrying out the social and environmental components of a study that aimed to rehabilitate an area in front of the beach, in the city of Inhambane, in association with Consulmar / CONSENG.

The city of Inhambane has a complex urban plan that involves ancient architecture from the late 1800s, and adding new developments that were not properly planned, could lead to complicated situations in several areas.

The city of Inhambane is located in a large area of ​​the bay that is exposed to extreme weather conditions. It is often eroded by tides and rainwater, and there is also a lack of maintenance, which has caused breaches in the 2 km retaining wall.

Verde Azul participated in the development of a civil construction project to repair the infrastructure, as well as in a master plan for future investments to contain and stop erosion, in order to conserve and protect the existing architecture.

The environmental and social assessment report (ESA or AES) was prepared, and an action plan was proposed to the Municipality with work methodologies and use of the material, to minimize impacts.

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