Technical Assistance for Reducing Bureaucracy for CTA in Mozambique

Client – SIDA
Location – Mozambique
Year – 2003 – 2007
Time – 5 years

Verde Azul provided technical support services to the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA) to reduce bureaucracy barriers and promote business relations between Mozambique and the Nordic countries over a period of 5 years. The financial support involved by CTA was around USD 1.6 million, this funding being applied with the aim of reducing poverty through job creation and business growth.

It had 4 immediate objectives:

1) Strengthen the CTA;

2) Public promotion of private initiatives;

3) Create and strengthen the Arbitration Center;

4) Provide Project Management and Coordination;

Verde Azul coordinated the project and supported fund management.

Verde Azul made sure that the procurement of goods and services complied with AIDS rules and regulations. Verde Azul held regular strategic meetings with the client and the financiers.

This project allowed CTA to find solutions to reduce by 25% the existing barriers identified by investors, as the main obstacles to a good business environment.

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