Much has been discussed about the correct ways to use in the area of biodiversity conservation in Mozambique. Thus, and because we live in a world where we are always learning, Verde Azul, through its employees Barnabé Langa and Domingas Matlombe, participated in an intensive training on Project Management for Biodiversity Conservation, which took place between 11 and 14 July 2017, in Gorongosa National Park, under the responsibility of WildTeam UK, with the assistance of the company Lupa, through the Legado Namúli program.

The aim of the training was to increase certified skills in the design and delivery of any type and size of projects in the field of conservation.

The team learned from WildTeam UK experts how to design, design and implement projects in the conservation area, following a methodology called PMWCM (Project Management for Wildlife Conservation).

This training was directed to the following points:

  • Create a conservation strategy that facilitates monitoring, adaptation and the demonstration of results (reports);
  • Assign specific functions to the team, so that they are clear at the decision-making levels;
  • Divide the project into manageable phases;
  • Deal with the risks and problems that may arise in the projects;
  • Use of standardized templates to help document, monitor and facilitate obtaining instant reports.

This training was of particular interest, as the application of these tools will allow better communication, and increase the probability of achieving the expected results in the projects that VA is implementing, as well as strengthening communication skills between the various projects supported by the company .

In addition, the team gained new certified practical skills that will reinforce their performance, allowing them to take on greater responsibilities at work. On the other hand, training contributes to building a network of conservationist personnel, which is an asset for the country.

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