Community Management of High Value Conservation Areas in the Mountains of Northern Mozambique

Client – Bird Life International, IUCN and CEPF
Location – Chiperone Mountain, Milange District, Zambézia Province
Year – 2015
Time – 4 months in development

Ecological and socially based study of a vulnerable and strategically important ecosystem around Monte Chiperone in the province of Zambézia, Mozambique.

Monte Chiperone is a remote and largely unknown mountainous area, but with a wealth of species yet to be discovered. It presents isolated features of the forest that were separated by many thousands of years. In 2014, researchers found that Mount Chiperone is home to many species not found anywhere else, an example of which is the pygmy chameleon of a different species, as well as new species of snakes and butterflies that have recently been found in this area. The expedition stated that many more discoveries are expected in the future.

The focus of this project is to manage and protect this important conservation area.

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